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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The Drip: Change up your Dav order with unique combinations and new flavor

Dav employees dish about popular drinks and off the menu items

Coffee is a staple for college students, and American University students are no exception. For many, on-campus coffee shops are a popular spot. With unique and delicious drinks ranging from a mango matcha to a vanilla iced dirty chai, students can get creative with their orders at the Davenport Coffee Lounge, one of AU’s student-run coffee shops. 

Heather Roselle, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and barista at the Dav, described the atmosphere as “very upbeat and very social.”

Full of students hanging out, studying or socializing, the Dav is truly a staple of the AU community. The Dav’s outdoor seating in the warmer months make it a wonderful way to enjoy spring on AU’s campus. 

“It’s a pretty unique experience working there just because I feel like I am friends with all of my coworkers,” Roselle said. “... There is often a lot of multitasking going on” given that it can get so busy, but “when you're working with your friends it makes it a lot easier.”

“My favorite drink to make is any sort of mocha, like a hot mocha, just because I enjoy doing the latte art,” Roselle said. She explained that her favorite drink to have is the drip coffee given that it's easy, quick and delicious. 

One of the Dav’s most popular drinks is any variation of a dirty chai and the drink of the month, according to Roselle. The drink of the month program allows different on campus organizations to partner with the Dav, and then a dollar from every sale of the drink goes towards that organization, Roselle said. 

The Dav has many different flavored syrups for customers to add to their orders. Syrup flavors like lavender, blueberry or maple are just a few of the options available. 

“I have been a huge fan of an iced matcha and then any type of syrup is really good,” Roselle said. 

If you're looking for some new drinks to try, Roselle suggested a mango iced matcha, an increasingly popular off-the-menu item, a matcha lemonade or lemonade with pineapple and coconut syrup. 

Dina Negash, a senior in the School of Communication and barista at the Dav, said the atmosphere is inclusive and friendly. 

Like Roselle, Negash likes working with her peers and the friends she has made from it. 

“A lot of people hang out outside of the Dav, which is nice,” Negash said. “I feel like I can go to anyone at the Dav and ask them for something.” 

In addition to coffee, the Dav has other beverages for those looking to branch out. Some of Negash’s favorites include both coffee and non-coffee options.

“I’d say my favorite drink to have is an iced peach tea,” Negash said. “My favorite drink to make would probably be an iced chai.” She suggested lavender and vanilla syrup as a great combination to add to the drink of your choice. 

Negash’s favorite iced peach tea is perfect for spring and a great pick-me-up in between classes, she said. Italian soda with coconut and lime or a mix of cold brew and chai, an idea Negash got from one of her coworkers, are some great off-the-menu options if you're looking for some new drinks to get you through rest of the semester. 

A lot of students spend their time socializing and studying at coffee shops on campus, so it's important that the atmospheres of those places are friendly and comfortable. Whether you're there for a long study session, or to catch up with friends, changing up your order can be a great way to start fresh. 

This article was edited by Annmarie Melsheimer, Kylie Bill and Nina Heller. Copy editing done by Isabelle Kravis, Sophia Rocha and Stella Guzik.

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