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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The best things to barbecue

All the recipes you should be trying out on the grill this summer

As the summer season continues, there’s no better time to get on the grill and barbecue. Whether you’re cooking a full meal or making an appetizer for your Friday night, there’s plenty of foods to choose from that will ensure a filling and refreshing meal for you and your friends or family.

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

To start off easy, you can’t go wrong with classics like hot dogs and hamburgers. Only taking ten to 15 minutes to cook, both hot dogs and hamburgers ensure a relatively quick and filling meal that can be customized for each person eating. Whether you add pickles and tomato to your burger or debate between ketchup and mustard for your condiment of choice, hot dogs and hamburgers are guaranteed crowd pleasers for those summer nights where you’re cooking for a large group. 


On the flip side, grilled pineapple can be a great side dish or even dessert for the summer. Though you might not think to put fruit on the grill, doing so caramelizes the sugar in it, and makes the flavor and sweetness of your dish even richer. Simple to make and a refreshing addition to any meal throughout the day, grilled pineapple might be just what your barbecue is missing. 


Kabobs are the perfect thing to throw on the grill and customize with your own ingredients this summer. While some kabobs combine meats like steak and chicken with vegetables such as peppers, onions and mushrooms (as shown in this recipe), other recipes utilize shellfish such as shrimp to mix with lemon and garlic to make for a zestier meal. Regardless of how you make your kabobs, each combination guarantees a fun and tasty creation for your summer. 


Speaking of shrimp, fish is another great food group to barbecue. Though shellfish is a primary form of fish that people grill often, that doesn’t discount other kinds of seafood such as salmon or sea bass that can be barbecued just as easily. Whether it’s grilled tilapia with some lemon-pepper seasoning or a simple serving barbecued salmon, there’s millions of ways you can incorporate fish into your grilling this summer and make for some new recipes to enjoy.


For more versatile barbecue material, you can’t go wrong throwing vegetables on the grill. Whether you’re using them as a side dish (such as grilled asparagus or potatoes) or cooking them as toppings for other parts of your meal (ie. tomatoes, onions, etc.), vegetables are easy and quick to make and serve as the perfect topping or side for your barbecue experience. 


Last but not least, ribs are one of the staples of barbecue that you can grill this summer. Though ribs take a considerably longer time to cook than the previous foods listed (up to two hours depending on your recipe), they’re definitely worth every minute as the end product is a delicious meal for you and your guests. Alongside the ribs themself, you can also personalize the seasonings and spread you use in your recipe, making this meal all your own. 

When it comes to the grill this summer, there’s no end to the different foods you can try out. Whether you’re cooking a meal for ten or a snack for two, this is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some new barbecue recipes. 

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