Analysis: Washington Commanders’ 2022 offseason overview

Here is what fans should know about the Washington Commanders with football season approaching

Analysis: Washington Commanders’ 2022 offseason overview

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Editor’s note: This story contains references to sexual assault. 

Football season is approaching and the Washington Commanders have had quite the offseason. 

Commanders’ rookie, Tre Walker, retired and unretired while at training camp. The rookie linebacker decided to come out of his short-lived retirement soon after the Commanders’ coach Ron Rivera announced it. Rivera said Walker had been dealing with some personal issues, but decided to work through them. 

The Commanders made several August transactions, acquiring linebacker Nate Gerry, safety Steven Parker and tight end Eli Wolf.

The Commanders also acquired quarterback, Carson Wentz, this offseason. Additionally, the Commanders traded three draft picks in order to acquire Wentz. 

The NFL lost a valuable player this offseason when the Commanders’ leader in sacks, Ryan Kerrigan, retired after 11 years in the NFL (10 of which were seasons played in D.C.). Although Kerrigan’s last season was played with the Philadelphia Eagles, he will forever be a D.C. fan-favorite. 

Kerrigan addressed Commanders fans via social media to announce his retirement and to thank the DMV for being his home for ten monumental years. 

“And to my beloved Washington fans: you guys made my NFL experience amazing. I felt at 

home in the DMV from day one. Whether it was cheering for me on game days, supporting my philanthropic endeavors or just saying "hi" at the grocery store, you made me feel like one of your own. I'm proud to call D.C. "home" and I'm so thankful that I was drafted here because of the way you’ve treated me and my family. I'll love you guys forever,” Kerrigan said in a post on Instagram

The Commanders offseason was not all respectful goodbyes, however. Commanders’ owner, Dan Snyder, became the face of football controversy this offseason, facing sexual assault allegations. 

In June, The Washington Post reported that a Commanders’ employee accused Snyder of  “sexually harassing and assaulting her in April 2009.” According to The Washington Post, members of Congress are pressing “the team and the NFL for information about the league’s year-long investigation of sexual harassment at the franchise.” 

The committee is not finished investigating the organization, ESPN reported. 

Football spectators are disgusted and disappointed by Snyder’s actions and the NFL’s inactions.

“The NFL has had a mountain range of evidence against Dan Snyder owner of the Washington football franchise since 2018 regarding sexual harassment & assault & done nothing. Moral of the story rich white men protect their own,” one spectator tweeted

Less than a week before the Commander’s first preseason game, Rivera fired defensive line coach Sam Mills III, due to philosophical differences.

The Commanders’ first regular season game will be Sept. 11 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. According to ESPN's Football Power Index, the Commanders have a 65.7 percent chance of winning their first regular season game. With probabilities like these, Commanders fans should be excited for the upcoming NFL season.

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