REVIEW: The Band CAMINO electrifies Silver Spring in album tour

Artists flor and Hastings join the band for a visually and emotionally captivating performance

REVIEW: The Band CAMINO electrifies Silver Spring in album tour

The Band CAMINO on stage at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, M.D. on April 26, 2022

The Band CAMINO put on a mesmerizing performance at The Fillmore in Silver Spring on April 26. 

Following opening sets by flor and Hastings, the Nashville-based indie rock band kicked off the show with the lesser known song “Know It All” and transitioned into hit songs “Roses,” “Less Than I Do” and “2 / 14.” 

Taking on incredible shapes and colors, the show was filled with mesmerizing light arrangements. Throughout the performance, energetic lead singer Jeffery Jordan bounced around the stage and displayed his musical versatility through his charged vocals, electric guitar and emotional piano ballads. He also affectionately referred to the audience as “the DMV,” recognizing the local community.

The crowd, which appeared to be mainly made up of an audience in their mid to late 20s, roared throughout the entire show. The energy, volume and overall excitement of the crowd was reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. Crowd favorites included the songs “What I Want” and the upbeat closer, “Daphne Blue.” 

Throughout the night, Jordan emphasized his excitement to be back touring after two years of the pandemic. The band’s latest self-titled album was released in Sep. 2021, making this tour the first time they were able to perform some of their more recent hits.

The album, which was written during the pandemic, contains themes of alcoholism, emotional insecurity, existential frustration and romantic longing hidden under upbeat instrumentals and catchy chorus lines. Throughout, listeners are able to resonate with the heavy emotional vulnerability in the lyrics while still dancing and singing along to the gripping melodies. 

The extremely personal topics within the album reflect the way that the pandemic shook people’s sense of identity, moral values and life goals. One particularly heart-wrenching song — “Sorry Mom,” — features Jordan apologizing to his mother for not being the man she expected him to become. 

Within “The Band CAMINO,” the band also experiments with different instruments and sound layering, making each song a unique experience to listen to. The song from the latest album, “Look Up,” contains eccentric synth layering that differs from the band’s more traditional rock sound. 

Containing 14 songs, the album is a huge accomplishment for the band which, to this point, had only released singles, EPs and a debut album in 2019 that contained eight songs. 

For those interested in learning more about The Band CAMINO, their music is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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