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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Aldous Harding

The Eagle’s most-anticipated music releases for 2022

New tunes we’re looking forward to this year

Many artists have emerged from dormant periods of their careers to proclaim that they will be making a return in 2022. Here are some of the releases we are most looking forward to and the reasons why. 

Beach House, “Once Twice Melody”: Feb. 18 

The fourth and final installment of Beach House’s eighth studio album “Once Twice Melody” came out on Feb. 18. Beach House has made the choice to deliver its latest album to their fans through a series of installments. This delayed release gives the artist more control over how we listen to the music. Different segments inspire different vibes and allow listeners to sit with the music for longer. With each successive installment, your relationship to the music changes. Now that the final installment has come out, listeners will finally be able to listen to the album in full. 

Aldous Harding, “Warm Chris”: March 25

Aldous Harding’s new album “Warm Chris” is a follow up to her 2019 album “Designer.” “The Barrel,” her best known song from the album, has come to represent Harding’s style as the listener gets lost in the melodic tune and her lyrics blend into the background. In some instances, the lyrics can be hard to identify. However, when you listen closely to the words she sings in her haunting tone, there is a cataclysmic shift. Her recent single, “Lawn,” and “Old Peel,” a single she released in the summer, convey more urgency. In March, we will see what her atmospheric voice brings on “Warm Chris.” 

Sky Ferreira, “Masochism”: March TBD

“Masochism” serves as the long-awaited follow-up to Ferreira’s debut album in 2013 “Night Time, My Time.” “Everything is Embarrassing” is a classic that resonated with many as it conveyed that inescapable self-consciousness most experienced as a teen. In that album, Ferreira served as an inspiration to teen girls, someone who was candid yet still retained a certain veneer of cool. Those teens are now young adults, and with “Masochism,” it will be seen if her lyrics and style have evolved with her audience. 

Father John Misty, “Chloë and the Next 20th Century”: April 8  

The persona of Father John Misty has captivated many of his fans, creating almost cult-like imagery. His folk music proves a little funkier than that of his former band Fleet Foxes, where he was a drummer. Father John Misty’s music provides a worthy soundtrack to the intensity of falling in love and his new singles “Funny Girl” and “Q4” don’t disappoint. The tracks are a little more slowed down and emphasize piano with a cinematic feel. Will the other songs maintain this detailed nostalgic sound? We will find out on April 8.

Melody’s Echo Chamber, “Emotional Eternal”: April 29

“Emotional Eternal” will be perfectly timed with the height of spring and likely carry listeners into the summer. The new single “Looking Backward” is a whimsical and engaging song. It’s similar to their previous releases including “Breathe in, Breathe Out” from their album “Bon Voyage” in that it’s entirely unpredictable. There’s a sense with Melody’s Echo Chamber that you never know what’s going to come next. Your favorite part of a song may only last a few seconds. But rather than being frustrating, it proves captivating as their music doesn’t follow a classic song formula. With every release, you are along for the ride and get to experience the thrills of an unexpected turn or drop. Hopefully fans can enjoy “Emotional Eternal” with the windows down and the spring breeze in their hair.

Grimes, “Book 1”: TBD

The big question on everyone’s mind is what will Grimes’ music look like in the aftermath of her separation from Elon Musk. She must be a different person from the student who got kicked out of university for spending too much time on music — or from the starving musician who was very outspoken about only eating spaghetti for a year. Her marriage to Musk surprised many of her fans. Now that she is on her own again and has stated a renewed commitment to her music, many are eagerly awaiting what comes next. Her latest single “Shinigami Eyes” felt uninspired and not up to the usual quality of her work. As more singles are released, Grimes' new sound will reveal itself further to us. 

Arctic Monkeys, TBD: TBD

For Arctic Monkeys fans, there has been much speculation as to what is next after their last album “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,” which came out in 2018. “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” had a much different sound than their earlier work to the dismay of many longtime fans. Many are eager to see the direction the band turns, whether they continue down the path they started with the last album, return to their roots or do something entirely new. We will see, although it’s still unclear when. The Arctic Monkeys have an album that is apparently finished but there has yet to be a determined date for release.

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