TV, Films and Food: Making ‘The Grey Stuff’ from Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere was right, it truly was delicious

TV, Films and Food: Making ‘The Grey Stuff’ from Beauty and the Beast
A delicious dessert perfect for any occasion

Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney film known for its magical world, charming characters and romance. But one key element to the film that doesn’t typically come to mind right away is food.

Many iconic dishes are mentioned throughout the film, including beef ragu, cheese soufflé and, most famously, the “grey stuff.” This dish appeared only briefly in the movie during the famous song “Be Our Guest” through the line “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious / Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.” It has since become a popular recipe at Disney parks and at home. 

This dessert can be found at various locations throughout Disney parks, including the Be Our Guest restaurant found within the Beast’s castle in Disney World, as well as the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland. The dish is also served in many ways, including on a cupcake, shortbread cookies or just a spoon. And now, it’s available to make in the comfort of your own home. The only appliances you need are a bowl and a spoon, so it is equally a dorm-friendly recipe.

In May 2020, Disney released multiple recipes for their most iconic foods for families to make at home, including the Grey Stuff. The recipe only calls for seven simple ingredients that you can find at any grocery store: whole milk, instant vanilla pudding mix, instant chocolate pudding mix, Oreos, sugar cookies and edible sugar pearls. 

Despite its non-descriptive name, this dessert is delicious and easy to make. The mousse-like pudding can be made and ready to be piped onto sugar cookies in just a few quick steps. 

To make this recipe, all you need to do is combine the ingredients and let them cool in the fridge for two hours after combined. Although the recipe does recommend piping them onto shortbread or sugar cookies, these vanilla waffle cookies worked perfectly. 

“Be Our Guest” was certainly right about one thing: the grey stuff really is delicious. For chocolate lovers, the strong chocolate flavor comes through from the Oreos and the pudding without being too overpowering.

The recipe makes 12 servings so it is perfect for parties or even just a few people, and the leftovers can be saved in the fridge and are good for up to a week.

This dessert is perfect for anyone who wants to bring the magic of Beauty and the Beast back into their homes once again. Just like the heartwarming film, this recipe is a classic to bring to your dessert rotation. 

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