Target makes grand opening in Tenleytown

Target keeps AU students in mind during product selection

Target makes grand opening in Tenleytown
The ribbon-cutting ceremony at Target in Tenleytown marked its opening on Nov. 6.

A small-format Target opened on Thursday in Tenleytown across from the Tenleytown-AU Metro stop, after a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Wednesday night. 

Located at 4500 Wisconsin Ave., the Target will feature all merchandise that is at a traditional Target, but with a lower quantity and assortment. In addition to products like apparel, accessories, home decor, groceries, beauty and health products, the small-format Target will feature a CVS Pharmacy and Order Pickup. 

The planning of product selection for the Target kept AU students in mind, store director Hillary D’Angelo said. 

“Small-formats are a way for Target to break into markets we usually don’t get in to, so dense, urban markets and also college campuses,” D’Angelo said. “There’s a need for the household commodities, for the clothes, the one-stop-shop that Target provides.”

Customers will be able to ship online purchases to the store, as well as use the myCheckout device in stores to ship unavailable products. 

“Even if we don’t have it in our store because we do have a lower inventory and assortment, if it’s available and in stock online, we can ship it right to your house and we waive the shipping cost,” D’Angelo said. 

The small-format Target currently employs around 80 team members. According to D’Angelo, employment opportunities are available for AU students and applications can be found online. 

At the moment, Target will not be accepting EagleBucks. However, this could change as a final decision has not yet been made by Target Headquarters. 

Even before its opening, the Tenleytown Target contributed to the community. They were a sponsor of Tenleytown’s Art All Night and have also paired to support community organizations such as Iona Senior Services, adoption agency Kidsave and Thrive DC, an organization that works to end homelessness. 

“Target and volunteering go hand-in-hand, so we just wanted to be very vocal,” D’Angelo said. “We really wanted to make sure we were doing what is needed to be done on that front.”

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