Daniel Caesar thrilled D.C. concert goers at Echostage

The contemporary R&B singer stopped by the District for a memorable show

Daniel Caesar thrilled D.C. concert goers at Echostage

Daniel Caesar at Echostage on Sept. 24

Echostage transformed to welcome Canadian singer Daniel Caesar for his “Case Study 01” tour on Sept. 24.

With mellow tones of blue, purple and off-white lights setting a calming mood for the concert, Echostage offered an inviting atmosphere. The lighting varied with each song, but often a single red spotlight illuminated the singer and his guitar as an array of alluring videos played on the screens behind him. At other points, an orbit of white light swirled concertgoers into a daze as they let the enchanting soundwaves envelop them. 

Caesar’s performance, a cohesive blend of contemporary R&B, neo- soul, and soul music, was nothing short of impeccable. The musician commenced the concert with a song off of his newest album Case Study 01, “Cyanide,”, which immediately got the crowd going. He kept the set exciting by intermixing some of his older songs with newer ones. 

Caesar beautifully performed “Get You” featuring Kali Uchis. Though the Colombian-American singer did not make an appearance, a seductive video of her played in the background, adding an eye-catching piece to the already intimate song. He also played his Grammy-winning song, “Best Part” featuring H.E.R. A recognizable hit released in 2017; the song did not leave a dry eye in the room as the sound of his voice sent tears down concert-goers’ faces.

While many thought that the show was a wrap, the audience roared in a chant of “Daniel Caesar.” Soon enough, with his red baseball hat still on, the musician made his way back to the stage, asking, “Is it okay if I sing a couple more?”

Immediately, the audience replied “yes” in unison as the music-longing fans awaited a few more soul-soothing rhythms. Finishing the show on his acoustic guitar with “Little Rowboat,” a song off of his 2015 album “Pilgrim’s Paradise,” Caesar took fans into a nostalgic trance reminding them of simpler times. 

Daniel Caesar’s performance at Echostage provided an extraordinary evening that fans of his music will hold dear in their hearts. 


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