Video surfaces online of student being removed from apartment by AUPD

University responds to AU community via Twitter

Video surfaces online of student being removed from apartment by AUPD

Screenshot of video of Gianna Wheeler, a junior, being carried into the hallway of the Frequency Apartments by AUPD

A video of an AU student getting carried out of her apartment by AU police officers circulated on social media early Friday morning.

The video, which was posted on Twitter by former AU student and freelance activist Aminta Zea, showed AUPD removing junior Gianna Wheeler into the hallway by her arms and legs. 

The event occurred at the Frequency Apartments, an off-campus housing unit owned by the University, which is why AU police officers were called to the scene. 

Vice President of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence Fanta Aw told The Eagle that Director of Residence Life Lisa Freeman and the D.C. Fire Department were also called in to de-escalate the situation and provide support.

Aw said in an email to The Eagle that AUPD and the D.C. Fire Department “followed standard operating procedures when addressing the situation and ensuring the safety of all involved.” Due to privacy policies, Aw did not disclose details of the event.  

It is unclear what occurred before Wheeler’s removal from the apartment or why police were involved. The footage only showed Wheeler being carried out by her arms and legs by multiple officers. 

The University posted on its official Twitter account on Saturday to address the AU community regarding the incident.

“Complex situations such as this one often involve more than what is seen in a short video or a social media post,” the University said in a tweet. “We must be careful before making any conclusions based on limited information.”

AU College Democrats shared Zea’s video on their Facebook page on Saturday night.

“This video of DC PD and AU clientele allowing for a student of color to be pulled out of her room, being subject to this violence, and being detained is deeply disturbing,” AU College Democrats said in their post. “This video is just another glaring example to add to a list of reasons why people of color, especially on AU’s campus, do not feel safe nor feel they are being heard.”

The Eagle reached out to Wheeler multiple times for comment. However, she had not responded at the time of publishing. 

This is a developing story and will be updated with more information as it becomes available., 

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