How to start working out in your dorm room

Here are some tips to help you workout without the hassle of leaving your dorm

How to start working out in your dorm room

YouTuber MadFit shows off a quick ab workout

Working out in college is hard. You have classes to attend, exams to study for and essays to write, and many students have jobs or internships. It’s hard to make a schedule that allows one to have time for schoolwork, a social life, and a workout routine. I know I have struggled with these issues.

However, working out does not have to be a big time commitment. During my time at AU, I have learned some tricks for how to fit a workout into a busy schedule. Instead of going to the gym, here are some ideas to start working out from the comfort and convenience of your own dorm room.

Invest in supplies

Yoga mats are versatile and don’t only need to be used for practicing yoga. These mats are great tools that can help you comfortably work out in your room because they give you a place to lie down so you’re not directly on the floor. You can use these mats for yoga, sit ups and jumping jacks. Basically, these are useful for any type of workout you would do directly on the floor in your room.

Also, weights and dumbbells are great tools for enhancing workouts. Lifting weights, even if they’re just two or five pounds, can help build upper body and core strength. Weights come in different forms, too. You can get ankle weights or wrist weights that you strap around each extremity. These can enhance a yoga or zumba workout by adding some extra intensity. These weight and yoga mat items can be found at Marshalls, Target, Amazon and sporting goods stores.

Look up workouts on YouTube

YouTube is a great free resource for anyone looking for a workout. Fitness gurus create tutorials for all kinds of workouts from flexibility to Zumba. These videos also vary in intensity so you are sure to find the workout video that suits you. Some good channels include Yoga with Adriene, Blogilates and MadFit.

YouTube is also a great option when looking for group workouts. One way to take advantage of YouTube is to set the video up on your TV or laptop in a way that everyone in your room can see it. Then, you can all have a group workout. That way you can help one another push through hard workouts. If you prefer to work out alone, then watching YouTube on your phone is an excellent option, too.

Download a workout app

Another free workout option that is a viable option for your indoor workout routine is to download a free workout app. Workout apps allow you to personalize your workout by intensity and muscle group. Many apps enable you to choose the length of your workout, too. That way your workout is totally customizable. Some great apps include SworkIt, Jillian Michaels and Seven Minute Workout.

Workout apps are great for people who want to exercise independently. All you have to do is set up your yoga mat and follow the directions the app gives you. When you finish your workout, many of the apps often tell you how many calories you burned. This can be a helpful advantage if you want to keep track of that information. Additionally, some apps can include meal suggestions if you want help thinking of healthy food options. I personally love using apps because of the personalization features they possess.

Buy a workout DVD

If you’re OK with spending some money, a workout DVD is a great investment! Workout DVDs can come with a variety of exercises like zumba, yoga or cardio. Some DVDs are organized by muscle groups such as upper body, lower body or core. Do some research on workout styles and routines to better know what DVD style is right for you. You can typically find workout DVDs in the movie section of department stores, on Amazon and in sporting goods stores.

Workout DVDs are good if you want to start a program. Many of them are programs that promise results within a certain amount of time. For example, some offer results in as little as 30 days, while some can be as long as six weeks. Knowing what you want to gain from a workout routine can help when choosing the right DVD for you.

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