Rise and shine with yoga in the galleries

Practice yoga in the Jefferson Gallery on the third floor of Katzen

Rise and shine with yoga in the galleries

Every Wednesday at 10 a.m., a group of yoga-enthused Washingtonians roll out their mats for class at the Jefferson Gallery in Katzen.

Eva Blutinger, the yoga instructor, leads each session.

“Yoga is a reflective practice and so is art,” Blutinger said about Yoga in the Galleries. “I think we are in the most beautiful location to be mixing the two art forms. [Art] is meditative, it’s reflective, it’s kind of a quiet feeling. We’ve got this beautiful space and there are so many reasons that [the gallery] is the perfect place.”

While many of the attendees come for yoga, there is a special draw that comes with practicing in the galleries. Annette Polan, an artist and Katzen supporter, is an attendee.

“I would go anywhere Eva practices, but to come to [the gallery] is just an extra treat for me,” Polan said. “I love combining yoga with the artwork. I love coming here.”

Lucy Crowley, the marketing and publications specialist for the Katzen Arts Center , said Yoga in the Galleries began around 2012 with the goal of bringing more people to the Katzen Gallery.

Crowley said it drew people from around the community and, when the word spread, the classes grew tremendously. Now, the average class holds about 40 attendees.

“It was really a way of opening up the museum to a broader audience,” Crowley said.

The class is free for museum members. In addition to this class, Katzen members can go to other museum programs, such as new exhibits, premieres and more, for free.

While the class is not widely attended by students, there is student pricing for events in the gallery. A regular membership costs $60, while a student membership costs $30. You can purchase a membership here.


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