New additions to Tenley View coming soon

Tenleytown will soon offer two new international cuisines and a fitness center

New additions to Tenley View coming soon

AU students have some new food and fitness variety to look forward to in the coming year, as two new restaurants and a fitness center are planning to move into Tenleytown at the Tenley View Apartments, a new apartment building very close to the Tenleytown Metro station, on Wisconsin Avenue, near Middle C Music.

Several restaurants have already moved into Tenleytown recently. New food options such as Five Guys and Buredo are anticipated to provide some variety to the Tenleytown area. These news options will give students an even wider variety of food to choose from.


SeoulSpice offers Korean comfort foods like rice bowls, Korean style burritos, and soft tacos all for $8.49. Food will be served in the popular made-to-order style that already can be found at the Tenley favorites Chipotle and Beefsteak. This will be SeoulSpice’s second restaurant, the first can be found in NoMa.

“Seoul Korean barbeque food historically tends to be very communal, so having [SeoulSpice] would bring groups of people together all at once into Tenley which would also be good for business I would imagine,” said Connie Yuen, a freshman at the School of International Service.


The other international restaurant will be Muncheez, serving Lebanese street food. Muncheez’s menu offers more classic Lebanese cuisine such as shawarma ($7.99) and zaatar ($1.00), as well as more American-style foods like pizza ($9.09) and wraps ($7.99). Muncheez has another restaurant in downtown D.C. near Georgetown, as well as a food truck. The restaurant plans to open later this spring.

Orangetheory Fitness

For a place to work off all those delicious calories, Orangetheory Fitness will also be opening in Tenleytown this summer. This fitness center offers 60-minute group personal training workouts that include “heart-rate-monitored training designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy,” according to its website. Orangetheory Fitness is a nationwide franchise with 11 fitness studios already in the Washington D.C. area. Until this new studio opens the closest studio to AU is in Arlington, Virginia.

Orangetheory Fitness offers membership on a month to month basis, depending on how many classes members would like to take. These memberships range from basic, which includes four classes per month at $59, elite membership with eight classes per month at $99, and premier membership with unlimited classes per month at $159. The center offers a free first class to those who want to try it out before signing up for a full membership. Orangetheory fitness hopes to open in early August according to Mark Johnson, who works for Orangetheory fitness.

These new openings in the Tenley View area will provide new options for students. With only one store opening left to be filled in the Tenley View apartment complex, the area seems to be industrializing well. Although classics like Panera and Starbucks will still fill cravings for carbs and caffeine, these new store openings are exciting additions.

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