Kerwin announces plans for years nine and 10 of AU’s strategic plan

The president included objectives and goals with a focus on diversity and inclusion

Kerwin announces plans for years nine and 10 of AU’s strategic plan

University President Neil Kerwin laid out the objectives for years nine and 10 of the University’s strategic plan in a memorandum on Wednesday.

The memorandum was issued to the AU community and included 10 “transformational” goals and six “enabling” goals that the University hopes to achieve in the next two years. A focus on diversity and inclusion was evident in several of the objectives and goals.

“It is important to pay special attention to the objectives established for diversity and inclusion,” Kerwin noted in the memorandum. “Given the current national political environment and recent actions by the new presidential administration, it is imperative that our efforts to ensure diversity and inclusion receive serious and ongoing attention.”

The transformational goals aim to improve and change the University, while the enabling goals aim to allow those transformations to happen.

Transformational goal number five, titled “Reflect and Value Diversity,” was the most prominent objective regarding diversity. It included a specific outline that prioritized recruitment of diverse students and faculty and improving campus-wide training on inclusion.

Kerwin said that the diversity and inclusion objectives will likely be changed in the near future with students, faculty and staff’s suggestions for improvement in mind. Kerwin also said in the memorandum that the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion will continue to emphasize the need for the two on campus.

The Board of Trustees will hold meetings March 2 and 3 to develop metrics for the progress of these objectives and goals, according to the memorandum.

Kerwin noted that President-designate Sylvia Burwell may refine the objectives of the next two-year budget cycle when she assumes the office on June 1, 2017.

Kerwin launched AU’s “Strategic Plan: Leadership for a Better World” in 2008 with the goal of remaining a leading institution on a national and global scale, according to the plan. The plan has created objectives for the administration to institute over ten years. The objectives for the ninth and tenth year will finish the Strategic Plan for the University.

Other themes in the objectives in the memorandum include construction and improvement of research centers and buildings on campus, progress on sustainability and social responsibility and recognition for the University’s achievements.

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