Concert Preview: Warpaint to perform at 9:30 Club Oct. 24

The LA-based band will play tunes from its highly-anticipated album, “Heads Up”

Concert Preview: Warpaint to perform at 9:30 Club Oct. 24

American indie psychedelic rock band Warpaint will bring its simultaneously melancholy and groovy sound to the 9:30 Club on Oct. 4, in support of the band’s new album “Heads Up.”

Founded in 2004, the LA based band consists of vocalist and guitarist Theresa Wayman, vocalist and guitarist Emily Kokal, bassist and backing vocalist Jenny Lee Lindberg and drummer Stella Mozgawa. After Warpaint released its debut EP, “Exquisite Corpse,”in 2008, the band signed with Rough Trade Records. Since then, the group has gone on to produce three successful albums: “The Fool” (2010), “Warpaint” (2014) and “Heads Up” (2016).

Warpaint has been compared to Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and Joni Mitchell. The band’s most popular tunes include “Love is to Die,” “Billie Holiday” and “Disco//very.”

Following the release and tour of their self-titled album, the members of Warpaint went on to pursue separate projects. While Wayman formed the group BOSS with Sarah Jones of Hot Chip and Guro Gikling of All We Are, Kokal contributed vocals to Paul Bergmann’s EP, “Romantic Thoughts,” Lindberg released her debut solo album, “Right On!” and Mozgawa collaborated with several artists, including Kim Gordon, Kurt Vile, SBTRKT and Jamie xx.

After much speculation of the band’s imminent break-up, fans could not be more relieved to hear and excited about Warpaint’s new album.

“Heads Up” deviates from the band’s previously guitar-heavy, hazy, dark sound. The album features more fun, dancey songs that capture the energy of Warpaint’s live shows. It was produced by Jacob Bercovici (of JC & The Voidz), who also worked on “Exquisite Corpse.”

Though Warpaint’s sound has evolved, “Heads Up” is still packed with the eerie, mysterious vocals that long-time fans fell in love with. The more acoustic “Today Dear” is reminiscent of “Baby,” off of the band’s first album. With such a large variety of songs, Warpaint has something for everyone.

Warpaint will perform at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday, Oct. 4 with opener FACIAL. Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are available online.

You can also listen to “Heads Up” on iTunes and Spotify.

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