Kanye West holds “Famous” screening in Cathedral Heights

Rapper draws over 400 people to Wisconsin Avenue

Members of the AU community and local neighbors gathered at the intersection of Macomb Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Cathedral Heights last night to see a free screening of Kanye West’s latest music video, just three blocks away from the National Cathedral.

West first announced via Twitter that the intersection, along with a few other locations in the District, would be subject to free public viewings of his latest and provocative music video “Famous.”

The video features a large array of celebrities sleeping naked on a bed, including depictions of West, his wife Kim Kardashian West, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby and many other celebrities.

At 10:45 pm a black van rolled up with a crew that began to set up the projector, with help from the police.

During the video, a crowd of over 400 people “booed” during the portion that featured both Trump and Cosby.

“I have no idea why we are all here except for the fact that Kanye summoned us here by telling us to go, and making us believe that he would be here,” junior Amanda Kocher said. “But we’re really just watching his video being projected onto a building. And it kind of makes me ashamed to be a millennial right now.”

At the end of the video many in the crowd began to dance and form a small and limited mosh pit, cheering.

“It was my first time seeing the video so it was cool seeing it this way,” recent graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Marisa Singleton said.

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