The Scene’s top five songs of the week

Assistant Music Editor brings the beat this week with his top five picks

The Scene’s top five songs of the week

Gwen Stefani ft. Pharrell: “Yummy (Mogul Remix)


Mogul has brought back an explicit, sensual song that embodies mid-2000’s pop. Nobody asked for this modern take on a classic, but Mogul provides a fresh perspective on this song. The remix is just as catchy as the original version of “Yummy” (Although the new version leaves out the line, “I’ve been off making babies, like a chef making donuts and pastries”). Slight changes to Pharrell’s production add to the seductive nature of this song while maintaining a choppy, dance-pop beat.

Allan Kingdom ft. Kevin Abstract: “The Potion

A collaboration between Allan Kingdom and Kevin Abstract seems like a brief glimpse into the future of music. The pair of musicians are on course to take over 2016. Kingdom started off the year by releasing his debut EP, “Northern Lights. Now the Minnesota-based rapper, who has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, teams up with fellow rising star, Abstract.

Abstract has announced he will release his sophomore EP, “They Shoot Horses,” in the next few months. Both artists have solidified themselves as a new crop of creatives looking to take over the industry. “The Potion” captures all this energy in under three minutes of singing, rapping and prophesizing.

Blessed: “One and Only

“One and Only” happens to be Blessed’s one and only song on the band’s SoundCloud. The indie rock group from Australia has certainly turned some heads with this debut single. A cohesive sound and catchy, heartfelt lyrics make this song seem like the type of music a band four years older would produce. The video game franchise FIFA has earned a reputation for licensing great music, and this seems like the type of song that could be included in next year’s edition of the game. After such an impressive start, the group will entice indie-rock fans to keep their eyes open for what Blessed has in store.

Ella Mai: “Switch Sider

The Fader anointed Ella Mai as “The New Queen of the Breakup Album” in response to the release of her EP, “Time,” which was released Feb 15. The day after Valentine’s Day is a perfect match for this heartbreaking, outpouring album. On “Switch Sider,” Mai confesses to feeling trapped in an off-balance relationship and eventually breaking out of it. After confidently striding through the sorrow of this relationship, Mai stops singing at the end and simply talks for the remainder of the track. At this point, it becomes clear she is devastated by this romance.

FKA Twigs: “Good To Love



FKA Twigs fans have been waiting since August of last year to hear new music; this recent tune will satisfy those craving the band’s classic sound. Fans have been left grasping onto teasers on radio shows and recordings from her performances, until now. “Good To Love” was released with an accompanying black-and-white video, and the combo makes up for the long wait. The song doesn’t deviate much from the style heard in “LP1”, but adds intimate and unique layers to her established sound. A montage of extreme close ups showing FKA in a bed match the song perfectly, telling the story of someone struggling to bring love back into their life.

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