Founder’s Day to be held at National Portrait Gallery

This year’s ball will be held on Feb. 20 and be the largest in AU’s history

Founder’s Day to be held at National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

Founder’s Day Ball will be held this year at the National Portrait Gallery on Feb. 20, Founder’s Day director Sydney Baldwin announced today in a press release.

The event will be the largest Founder’s Day in AU’s history, hosting 2300 students. Last year the ball accommodated 2000 students.

“Celebrating the founding of American University in 1893, this year’s Founder’s Day Ball will be an exciting evening filled with food, dancing, and appreciation for art at one of the most prestigious venues in the nation’s capital,” Baldwin said in the press release.

Tickets will be distributed online via EventBrite beginning on Jan. 19 through Jan. 24. Each class of students will have access to the tickets at different times using a unique promo code, with seniors having the earliest start date.

The ticket dates are:

Seniors (Promo Code: AU2016):

January 19 at 8 AM

January 21 at 2 PM

January 23 at 9 PM

Juniors (Promo Code: AU2017)

January 19 at 9 PM

January 21 at 8 AM

January 23 at 2 PM

Sophomores (Promo Code: AU2018)

January 20 at 8 AM

January 22 at 2 PM

January 24 at 9 PM

Freshmen (Promo Code: AU2019)

January 20 at 9 PM

January 22 at 8 AM

January 24 at 2 PM

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