JR JR rocks 9:30 Club

JR JR rocks 9:30 Club

Photo Credit: Danielle Bourn 

JR JR performs at the 9:30 club. 

JR JR, an indie-pop group from Michigan, packed the 9:30 Club with a sold-out show on Nov. 6. The band entertained flocks of fans with a hodgepodge mix of electronic sounds across all genres.

The band covered some traditional fan favorites, both from the its previous albums and from its latest album,“JR JR.” The songs included the energy-packed “Caroline” and the bittersweet “James Dean.” The band also played “We Almost Lost Detroit,” paying tribute to the members’ home city. The crowd bounced along as giant lit-up JR JR letters flashed and displayed moving pictures behind them.

JR JR, who recently told the Eagle that the band draws inspiration from everyday life, emanated incredible energy that was reflected by the crowd. Audience members danced to the music and cheered for band member Daniel Zott’s and his wonderfully fluffy hair. During the show JR JR also performed multiple covers, including 4 Non Blondes’ song, “What’s Up?”

Brothertiger, a one-man music mixer based in Brooklyn, performed an opening set. Appearing for an early performance, Brothertiger mixed electronic beats and vocal talent as the crowd slowly started to filter into the 9:30 Club. A few clubgoers responded enthusiastically to the music, but the crowd mostly remained still, politely waiting for JR JR to grace the stage.

JR JR brought an energetic, electric and endearing show. At one point, one of the band members commented on the similarities between JR JR and Washington D.C., as D.C. contains a melting pot of many different types of people, and JR JR is a mix of all different types of music. The remark, along with the bittersweet lyrics and happy-go-lucky vibes, brought JR JR and its enthusiastic fans together with an intimacy usually expected at much smaller venues than the cavernous 9:30 Club.


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