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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Movie Review: “Hotel Transylvania 2”

“Hotel Transylvania 2” proves to be a worthy sequel to the successful franchise.

Animated movies are usually paired with the connotation of immaturity. But earlier this summer, “Inside Out” debunked that perception with its moral storyline. Now “Hotel Transylvania 2” joins “Inside Out” as another movie that resonates with the psyche of people of all ages, despite its animation combining comedy, drama and action.

Film writers Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel craft a plot for “Hotel Transylvania 2” that centers around family bonds. Mavis, the protagonist voiced by Selena Gomez (“Spring Breakers”), wants to leave the hotel because she’s noticed that her half-human, half-monster son Dennis, voiced by Asher Blinkoff, hasn’t acquired any supernatural abilities. So, she willingly sacrifices the comfort of the darkness to go live in sunny California for the sake of her son.

Mavis travels to California with Jonathan, voiced by Andy Samberg (“Brooklyn 99”), to scout out her new home. Meanwhile, her father Dracula, voiced by Sandler (“Blended”), starts to put his grandson through several trials to find his grandson’s “inner monster” and entice his family to stay in California with him. He enlists the help of his monster friends to give his adorable son Dennis a crash course on Monster 101.

“Hotel Transylvania 2” examines how relationships evolve when a child enters a family. The previous “Transylvania” movie battled with the theme of acceptance, and this sequel plays off on that theme while also presenting a new message of devotion throughout the plot. Even with the presence of several comedians, the movie’s strong message of family still comes through.

Every character in this sequel make strides within their character development, except for Jonathan, who seems to be stuck in a time warp and is constantly confused about what is going on around him. Even with his vacancy, Jonathan still plays a vital part in the sequel’s storyline.

Sequels often fail to live up to the standard of their predecessors. “Hotel Transylvania 2,” however, stands out as a powerful sequel that continues to build on the great storyline of the first movie. It’s a short 89-minute movie that’s perfect for anyone who wants feel like a giddy child again while watching a 3D monster pop out of a screen.

Grade: A-

“Hotel Transylvania 2” (PG, 89min) is now showing in Regal Cinemas, Gallery Place 14.

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