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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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FIDLAR brings it’s punk rock style music from West Coast to the East

While FIDLAR played old favorites and new material, the audience turned into one giant mosh pit drenched with beer, sweat and bruises.

A band of self-proclaimed Californian “idiots” took over the stage at the 9:30 Club on May 28. The L.A. band FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk) brought its ear-splitting, straightforward skate-punk rock to D.C.

Before the California rockers made their way on stage, opening act Metz presented its take on punk rock. The Toronto band played tracks off its new album “II,” which was released in early May. Although each song portrayed generic hard-core punk sound, the band’s guitar riffs in relation to their anticipated drumbeats and the singer’s voice resembled a fusion of the punk bands Black Flag and Buzzcocks.

The band showed off this blend most noticeably in “The Swimmer,” a song off its latest album. While the band’s predictable sounds held back its potential, Metz still managed to pull a respectable crowd overall.

Once Metz cleared the stage, FIDLAR held its audience captive, as long anticipation turned into chants for the band to come out and play.

Twenty minutes later, FIDLAR took to the stage. During the show, front guitarist and singer Zac Carper stood out the most on stage with his Frankenstein-like glares and hawaiian t-shirt.

FIDLAR played most of its songs pertaining to themes of drug use and sex. The band delivered each note and lyric with respect to straightforward skate and punk rock.

The set list primarily featured songs from the band’s self-titled debut, which included standouts such as “No Waves,” “Cheap Beer,” “Cocaine” and “Stoked and Broke.” The second half of the concert consisted entirely of new songs from FIDLAR’s upcoming album, but the release date of the album has not yet been announced. During the concert, Carper joked about the crowd about the new album, sarcastically commenting on its future release date.

“The new album will be coming out in about six years, and will have around 300 songs on it,” Carper said.

Carper’s sense of humor continued to follow him everywhere on stage as he referred to the entire band as “idiots from California.”

The band also revealed a new version of its song “West Coast,” a track previously recorded on the band’s demo EP, “Shit We Recorded In Our Bedroom.” Carper said the track would appear on the band’s new album. Fans can download the EP on the band’s website.

Halfway through the show, the band performed an impressive rendition of Weezer’s “The Sweater Song” and somehow managed to shoot a new music video during the concert, according to Carper.

As the band continued to play with vibrant intensity, the audience of the 9:30 Club turned into one giant mosh pit drenched with spilled beer, sweat and bruises. As FIDLAR played, band members directed the crowd to form mosh pit circles and later instructed the audience to lay down on the venue’s floor before jumping up again to violently shove and mosh before a song.

Carper also encouraged members of the audience to try and jump on stage, but, unfortunately, a line of club bodyguards stood between the crowd and the band.

While FIDLAR has the talent and potential to break out of its go-to punk rock genre, the Californians’ new album sounds a lot like their first album. The band is impressive and put on an excellent show, but only time will tell iif FIDLAR will branch out from its loud and rowdy punk rock roots.

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