Crumbs and Whiskers: D.C.’s first cat cafe.

This new cat cafe will combine two of your favorite things: cats and food.

Crumbs and Whiskers: D.C.’s first cat cafe.

Quitting your job and opening a cafe filled with cats is a risky move, but so far it seems to have paid off for Kanchan Singh.

Singh, a recent University of Maryland graduate, first came up with the idea to open up a cat cafe while on vacation in Thailand. While pet-themed cafes are a relatively new concept in the United States, countries like Thailand and Japan wholly embrace them.

Returning back to the District, Singh was determined to open up her own cat cafe. Within a few months, she had set her dreams into motion. Crumbs and Whiskers will open in Georgetown this summer.

The location's proximity to Georgetown University, George Washington University and American University made it the perfect place to open a cat cafe, Singh said. Singh, sympathetic to cat lovers in college, wanted to provide a space outside of humane societies where students could interact with cats.

“I want my cafe to be a happy place for students and cats,” Singh said.

Guests wishing to attend the cafe will need to make reservations. The cafe will have two floors of cats to visit and even adopt, if customers are so inclined and charmed by the felines. All of the cats will be from the Washington Humane Society. Customers who decided to purchase any of the cats will start the application process at the cafe. More information on how this process will be implemented will be provided when the cafe opens. Singh does not know the exact date her cafe will open, but she hopes to open Crumbs and Whiskers before the fall semester begins.

The cafe two floors will be themed, with one being for playtime with cats and the other for relaxing with cats. Singh emphasized that the cafe will primarily be a home for the cats, and the furry friends will have full access and reign over the cafe.

Kanchan Singh and her cat Streaky. Photo credit: Kanchan Singh 

“I want the cafe to be cozy, welcoming and charming,” Singh said. “It should be a place that inspires people. Imagine going to your crazy cat lady friend’s house, that is what you will find at Crumbs and Whiskers.”

The cafe will not prepare food on site.

“People are here primarily to visit the cats, and we wanted to maximize the amount of space where they could do that,” Sigh explained. “It really came down to whether we wanted to have one floor dedicated to a kitchen and one floor of cats or if we wanted two floors of cats. The answer was easy.”

The cafe will, most likely, provide prepackaged or complementary food for customers.

People interested in working at Crumbs and Whiskers should be cat lovers first and foremost, as well as outgoing and personable, she said. In addition to being socially qualified, all employees will be required to undergo training with the Washington Humane Society.

If you contribute to the Crumbs and Whiskers Kickstarter page, you will automatically be a part of the exclusive Gentlemeow’s Club. Singh created the Gentlemeow’s club for the people she calls her early cheerleaders.

“I wanted to have a private group for people who have supported me from the beginning,” Singh said.

The Gentlemeow’s club will have first access to special events and discounts.

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