East Campus construction is underway

East Campus construction is underway

East Campus construction on Nebraska and New Mexico Avenues started mid-July with site fencing and ground development for a garage, with a tree buffer to ease noise concerns from neighbors.

The former parking lot facing Ward Circle Building and Nebraska Avenue was fenced off in mid-July to prepare for further construction in the following weeks, Linda Argo, the Assistant Vice President for External Relations and Auxiliary Services, said in an email.

SKANSKA, the construction company for East Campus, will begin excavation for the site’s underground parking garage and foundation in mid-August, Argo said. Development for the garage and foundation will continue until early 2015 and construction for the entire project is slated to finish summer 2016.

Disturbances from early construction have not affected the neighboring Westover Place townhomes and the University has welcomed feedback from residents. Residents had early concerns about noise after construction was announced and needs for an adequate buffer between East Campus and neighborhood townhomes, The Eagle previously reported.

“We have been and will continue to meet with the community on a regular basis to provide construction updates on the project and discuss potential impact on the surrounding neighborhood,” Argo said.


A construction sign at the former entrance to the Nebraska Avenue parking lot. Photo: ALEJANDRO ALVAREZ/THE EAGLE

To decrease noise from the developing site, 25 trees were erected between the townhomes and East Campus.

“We have received positive feedback from the community regarding the relocation of trees into the buffer area,” Argo said.

The new East Campus will host three residence halls and two academic buildings for classes and administrative staff, according to the site’s overview.

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and Physics departments will be housed in a building named after AU’s late Chief Financial Officer Don Myers, The Eagle previously reported. The Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building was made possible by a gift from AU board of trustees member and Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn.

“These philanthropic commitments made it possible to honor Mr. Myers’ memory and ensure that the new East Campus will be successfully executed, in keeping with our design and expectations,” Argo said.


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