National Association of Black Journalists adding AU chapter

After receiving approval as a recognized chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists on June 6, the AU Association of Black Journalists (AUABJ) is planning events and creating a social media presence.

The AUABJ aims to create a sense of community among students of color, as well as provide professional training opportunities, according to Brianna Williams, founding member and president.

The organization has five main goals, according to Williams:

  • To spread the NABJ mission at AU
  • To create a sense of unity among communities of color both socially and academically
  • To offer training and opportunities for students of color
  • To invent an environment for professional growth in mass communication
  • To have an open and fun environment for people of similar interests

After a semester of organizing, the new chapter is looking to obtain status as an official student group at AU in the fall so that it can receive Student Activities funding, according to Williams, School of Communication junior.

Once the group attains official club recognition, the e-board hopes to add members by utilizing social media sites such as Facebook and an upcoming Twitter account. She also hopes the organization can work with other media and culture-related groups at AU, she said in an email.

“AU Association of Black Journalists hopes to increase awareness at American University of the ongoing struggles and opportunities for people of color in the mass media professions,” Williams said in an email. “Also, AUABJ wants to provide students an organization where people of similar interests and career paths can come together to form a supportive community for each other.”

Currently, the AUABJ E-board is planning a major event for the fall involving multicultural professionals in the communication field, according to Williams.

“We want to garner a community in SOC and at AU that is not represented,” Williams said in an email. “AU does not provide a lot of opportunities for student of color in a professional environment, which is what AUABJ hopes to improve.”

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