The M&M Report: Post-break TV catchup

The M&M Report: Post-break TV catchup

This week on The M&M Report, columnist Devin Mitchell and lifestyle editor Mark Lieberman returned from their spring break hiatus to catch up on some recent developments in television.

First, Lieberman and Mitchell reviewed the little-seen Fox comedy “Enlisted.” Lieberman loves it, while Mitchell is ambivalent but plans to keep watching.

After that, Lieberman and Mitchell returned to “True Detective” to review the season as a whole. They were slightly less enthusiastic about the show than they were last time, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.

Come back next week for more pop culture commentary. In the meantime:

-Read Lieberman’s review of “True Detective.”
-Check out “Enlisted” producer Kevin Biegel’s powerful column about his struggle with PTSD in the Hollywood Reporter.
-Tune in to previous episodes of The M&M Report here.

This week’s timecodes:

“Enlisted”: 1:00 – 16:15
“True Detective”: 16:15 – 36:20

Editor’s Note: this podcast was recorded over a Skype call. The audio quality will be back to normal next week.

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