Kogod starts lecture series at Union Market

The Kogod School of Business began a new partnership with Union Market called “Market Talks” to encourage a public discussion on a variety of business topics.

On the first Tuesday of every month, Kogod faculty and community members will focus on issues that impact professional and personal lives in the business sector, including failure in the workplace and handling professional relationships, according to Union Market’s website.

“Union Market is a cool place to hang out, shop for some great food and other items and our presentations make it a great place to learn about interesting topics,” Bob Sicina, an Executive in Residence in Kogod’s Department of International Business and Feb. 4 speaker, said in an email.

His talk “Bouncing Back: Learning From Failure” discussed the path of finding success after analyzing the reason for failure, themes that he covers in his International Business course and in a book he is writing, he said in an email.

Those who attended found failure can be an opportunity to learn, and that in order to succeed from failure, one must understand why some decisions fail in the first place, according to Sicina.

Two more events will occur over the semester.

On March 4, Donald Williamson, a professor in the Department of Accounting and Taxation, will talk about how the Intel Revenue Code actually penalizes marriage, both high and low income, and how children affect the couple’s rights within the tax code as well, Williamson said.

On April 1, director of the Sustainability Management Program Richard Linowes will discuss sustainable eco-friendly management.

“These talks are aimed at jointly promoting the Union Market and AU [and] Kogod,” Sicina said in an email. “It’s also a great way to get the AU Kogod name out there in a way that is ‘live.’ I’m always delighted to help promote the school.”

Union Market is located at 1309 5th St. NE and is Metro-accessible via the Noma-Gallaudet U stop on the red line.


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