The Eagle's 2014 SG special election endorsement

The Eagle's 2014 SG special election endorsement

Vice President- Steven Haderer

After Julia Reinstein stepped down from her position as Student Government vice president, she left many unfulfilled duties and empty promises. Today, elections to replace her for the remaining semester will take place as only two official candidates run for the position.

We found Steven Haderer to be the best candidate for SG vice president, despite his lack of experience in SG. His refreshing look at SG as an outsider and commitment to students assured us he would ably complete the vice president’s duties. In addition, his foremost stated goal to increase communication between SG and the student body through town halls and club meetings inspired us to hope for a more open and approachable executive board.

While Ray Bowman is the more experienced candidate, the lack of transparency SG has demonstrated in years past leads us to question whether or not funds will be objectively dispersed within his Grant to Empower Multiculturalism grant. He is also graduating in the spring, which means his commitment to the student body will be brief.

Haderer, on the other hand, is a sophomore and could be the fresh face that SG needs. He is very well-spoken, approachable and has the ability to implement a plan similar to Bowman’s GEM grant without so much secrecy and red tape. The Eagle also fully supports his plan to make student events more environmentally sustainable. He will be around for future semesters, which means he will have to take responsibility for any bad decision he makes. Hopefully, he will show more will and commitment than our last VP endorsement. -E

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