Op/ed: Bring a student lounge to MGC

The Perch, The Hatch, The Davenport Coffee Lounge and other spaces are various spots where AU students enjoy studying or just hanging out. The consistent high number of students at these places shows there is a demand for an area where students can study or take a coffee break. The vacancy of the third floor of the Mary Graydon Center gives AU the opportunity to use this floor as a study and coffee lounge.

Students enjoy having different options around campus to have late night study sessions or get a quick cup of coffee before an 8:55 a.m. class. Using the third floor of MGC as another study and coffee lounge option would be beneficial for students when it comes to studying or just having a space to hang out.

The fact that the building is already a central location for dining, it makes sense to turn the third floor into a coffee lounge. It would also be convenient for students to have one building to go to for studying, coffee and meals. As of now students have to go to separate places if they want to eat meals and then study afterward.

To use MGC for classes would not make sense considering that there are about six other buildings used for classrooms, including the soon-to-be School of Communication in the McKinley Building. There would not be another useful option for the third floor of the MGC, which makes a studying and coffee lounge a much more reasonable option.

This change does not have to be sudden, but rather planned for the future as AU undergoes construction to improve its facilities. Options matter, and using this empty space as a studying and coffee lounge would be a step towards making AU an increasingly student-friendly environment.

Katlyn Hirowaka is a freshman in the School of Communication.

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