Q&A: Jacuzzi Boys

Miami-based garage rockers Jacuzzi Boys headed to the Black Cat, bringing along King Tut and grunge-favorite Wavves. The Eagle caught up with singer Gabriel Alcala to talk about the band’s newest album, minglings with indie royalty and the Florida music scene.

Alex Greco: Tell me about the feel of your newest album. What were some sources of inspiration for you guys?
Gabriel Alcala: We experimented a lot more on this record than any other record we’ve done. I think it has a sort-of very Miami night time feeling. As far as inspiration, we’re listening to Brian Eno [and] Here Come The Warm Jets a lot.

AG: You guys got your start out in Miami. Can you tell me what the garage-rock scene is like there and what the whole music scene’s like there in general?
GA: Miami’s sorta weird as far as bands. Bands tend to come and go really quickly, and not that many tour.

AG: Why do you think that is?
GA: I mean, it’s geography, but not that many bands come down. [It’s] not like a normal, big city, where bands are always coming through.

AG: How has it been working with Wavves so far?
GA: We’re actually on tour with Wavves and King Tut, and we’ve played shows with both of those bands before. [We’ve] sorta known each other, we’ve hung out before as well.

AG: Do you guys have any new projects on the way? Anything listeners should be excited for or looking forward to?
GA: Right after this tour, we basically go back home for a week and one week to Europe. Then right off the top, [we’ll record] and mostly do an EP or something.

This interview has been condensed for style and content purposes.


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