Eagle Rants: April 9, 2013

• Ranters: If you had to get an abortion during your time at AU, which year would you want to get it done? Personally, I'd say sophmore year because you probably don't have an internship or something, but I might get an abortion later so I'm just curious.

• I wish platonic kissing was more of a thing here at AU. I just want to kiss all of my friends but I think they would interpret it as a sexual thing. Kissing is nice. It's pretty much the only way I like to express physical affection for people. Sigh.

• @crushing on professor: I do have class on Thursdays at 2:35. But, I also have that same prof on Tuesday at 2:35. Just sayin...

• @falling for a senior: I completely feel you. It sucks... like I want it to go somewhere, but there just isn't time. I have no idea what, if anything, to do.

• @"Ranters: Whats the weirdest place you

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