Eagle Rants: June 24, 2013

• I feel like summer rants weren't this pathetic last year... what's going on?

• Editor, since its just us this summer can we have talks via Eagles rants and be cool? Phonathoners still work here over the summer

• so is it just that there were no rants for two weeks or

• Three rants. That's the saddest damn thing I've ever seen.

• No sry editor u just suck!

• LOL the eagle.

• Not that it's a massive surprise really, the place looked disgusting throughout its existence, but I'm still a little surprised that Salsa actually got shut down for failing DC health code standards

• I'm suddenly so aware that all those years I was buying food from Salsa, I was actually buying rat burritos. Also, it took the city until MAY 31ST to close it?!?! How could they ignore the army of rats for that long?!

• I haven't seen the new Superman movie but it has given me an idea: I would like to start a lawncare business and name it "General Sod".

• "u suck editor" It occurs to me that this could probably use a comma. Either that or the editor is getting serviced by some as yet unnamed ranter.

• google's description of the eagle still says twice weekly newspaper of American University. This is false! You suck editor!

• i cant hold u guys accountable because u dont post the rants ugh

• what happened to everry monday

• k

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