Letter to the Editor: Former SG president Sarah McBride endorses Pat Kelly for president

By Sarah McBride

I know, you all have heard more than enough from me. I can hear some of you even asking, "does she still even go here?"

But as I prepare to graduate and leave the awesome world that is AU, I feel compelled to offer my thoughts on the upcoming Student Government presidential election and the candidate that we need as our next president.

For all of its faults and flaws, SG remains our campus' single most effective means for positive and inclusive change at AU. Next week, we have the opportunity to elect the person who will lead that organization and advocate for the collective interests of our 6,800 undergraduates.

While I have a lot of respect for all the candidates running, one candidate in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest as the best person to serve as the representative of our student body, and that person is Patrick Kelly.

Whether as an undergraduate senator advocating for the forgotten or marginalized student or an orientation leader making AU a welcoming and safe space for incoming first years, Patrick Kelly is the only candidate running for president who has spent his entire academic career serving the students.

During his time in the undergraduate senate, he didn't waste his position on amending the by-laws or creating committees on committees. Kelly spent his time listening to the students and relaying their concerns to the administration. He fought for students committed to serving their country when he advocated for priority registration for ROTC cadets; for LGBT students when he helped lead the charge for open-gender housing; and for our rights when he pushed for more transparency in the university's financial decisions.

And he will continue to fight for us as SG president.

During my time as president, I learned a lot about what it takes to do the job. We have not seen a candidate better prepared to fight for students on day one than Kelly. It goes beyond his experience or his vision for a better AU, but to whom he is as a person.

At his core, Kelly is a listener and doer. It is in his nature to engage and include and to stand up for the dismissed and disregarded. He is a selfless and compassionate leader who will work every day to ensure that AU students have the best experience possible during their time here.

When you log onto your myAU portal on April 2 or 3, vote for the candidate who will spend all of his energy advocating for you. Vote for the candidate who has a record of fighting for students to stand on. Vote for the candidate with the plan and personality to create a more inclusive and accessible AU. Join me in voting for Patrick Kelly for president.

Sarah McBride is a senior in School of Public Affairs and a former SG President.


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