Letter to the Editor: IFC: "We are embarrassed" by "inappropriate" Phi Sigma Kappa T-shirts

Interfraternity Council apologizes, says shirts were banned five years ago

The AU Interfraternity Council would like to apologize for the offense taken as a result of the T-shirts worn by members of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

The Interfraternity Council does not condone, and certainly will not support, the provocative message conveyed by the shirt, as it is completely incongruent with the IFC’s values as an organization.

The shirts were created five years ago and were deemed by the IFC as inappropriate immediately after they were printed. The Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity was instructed to eliminate the shirts due to their offensive nature promptly after they were initially produced.

Therefore, the current existence of the design is the direct result of the decision of an individual within the organization and does not reflect the standards of the organization itself.

The values of the IFC include the development of brotherhood, education, character and service to one’s community. We are embarrassed to admit that these values were not upheld by the actions of the specific individuals within one of our member organizations.

Again, we apologize for the offense that was fostered by the existence of these shirts. We take issues like this very seriously, and we assure you that we are looking into the situation to address it internally.

Leo Piscioneri

AU Interfraternity Council

Public Relations Department

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