February 11, 2013

• Crisis averted.

• At first blush, the idea of a Men's Initiative is ludicrous; men are not so disadvantaged as to need help getting a leg up. But on second thought, it could be really useful, especially if it could help teach what it means to be a man. After reading through so many of these Rants, it is clear that the campus is full of boys and there are few men to be found.

• PLEASE VOTE NO ON THE REFERENDUM. Really, you guys don't know how important this is. It's the same SG drama queens rewriting the rules to give themselves more power. It's not the system that's broken, it's the people.

• Everyday I end up hating myself for spending time with you as a "friend" I really like you but your stuck in a really serious relationship. You deserve better.

• To everyone saying the shirts at the gym are fine because of free speech, clearly you have never battled an eating disorder or had someone close to you battle with one. Yes, we have a right to free speech, but something that is as triggering as that for someone battling or in recovery should never be ok on a college campus. Recovering from an eating disorder is one of the hardest fought battles someone could ever go through and it scares me that people at my same school could be so unsympathetic.

• Hey! The Eagle Online should switch to Wordpress, because if you're moving to digital it should at least look good. The website now looks pretty shoddy- even with the revamp. Step it up Eagle. [Editor’s Note: Actually already working on it.]

• @ I honestly hate this school: I don't know what your religious beliefs are, but you should try hanging out with the Methodist community. Outside of worship (7pm on sundays, 11pm on thursdays) our conversations mostly revolve around science fiction, plot holes in works of pop culture, movies, and sometimes even musical theater. If you aren't a Christian, we won't try to convert you either, so it's worth a shot right. Just stop by the basement of Kay...pretty much anytime of the week (but especially wednesday late-afternoon)

• If I'm studying alone at the silent floor, I'm trying to get work done. I don't want random people coming up to me and trying to telepathically flirt with me.

• @ tfw no qt3.14 gf Iktf

• Straight, single, somewhat attractive, man here! What do I do to rectify this!?

• SG does something? Really? If every member of SG were to give me a hand job, then and only then will I give them props.

• @The person who called me a Stalinist on the 9th Use what epithets you will, sir. All I want is for the 60s wannabes to shut up, and for the hired, paid, experienced professionals to do what they are chosen to do, without any more frivolous interruptions by students. SG is an incompetent waste, SA is a lie, CAUS is ridiculous, and it is about damn time we just got rid of it all, and focused on external involvement instead. If being a Stalinist means wanting a properly run, efficient and more peaceful AU, then Slava Stalina!

• @"average straight white-male has yellow fever"-yup, yes, most definitely yes being an average straight white-male this is very, VERY true!

• Hello cute boys. Why are you only appearing at AU now that I'm graduating in 3 months?

• I wanna know...have you ever seen the rain?

• Women only gym hours are a great way to keep the place empty to clean it.

• Jacobs =/= Curves

• Women's Only Gym Hours = Campus Beautification Time

• Are you trying to say Kate Mara is more or less attractive than Spacey? Because I'm crazy in love with Zoe Barnes. Watching the season one finale right now.


• The maintenance man is here and I can't fart freely. I feel like I'm in Gitmo.

• @"Sarah McBride set her video endorsing the AUSA to the John Adams theme music? Self-inflated much?" I doubt Sarah McBride edited her own video.

• @"Why are Texans at this school so hot?!?!" You staring at those Texasses, too? #Terrific #KONY2013

• Why can't you just like me?

• @ guys picking a library spot- Coming from a girl's perspective, I would defintely be distracted but still attempt to study while taking quick glances at said attractive guy. Simply smiling at the girl would work. If you're brave enough you could always go up to her and just say hi and strike up a conversation via passing notes like the good ol middle school days.

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