Eagle Rants: Feb. 19, 2013

Editor's Note: The Eagle Rants system was down today from 2:43 p.m. to around 6:20 p.m. If you submitted a rant during that time, I did not receive it. I apologize. (I'm off to a great start, huh?)

•You know what's great? The Establishment and the system, ever just and true to our core values. Down with revolution, burn the barricades! The Left is always against what is right!

•I'm white straight male heteronormative scum- and loving it!

•I feel like this editor directly answers too many questions [Editor's Note: This note is ironic.]

•"@Passing by the gym tonight i saw someone with a kogod shirt on working out. as an SIS major who has struggled with understanding finance classes for over 2 semesters, seeing that shirt sickened me. Kogod students should be conscious of the fact that I have struggled with finance even if they’re good at it. Maybe one way to solve this pressing campus issue would be to have all SIS-student gym hours, to prevent me from feeling uncomfortable by seeing Kogod students flaunting their Kogod shirts. Spot on! I'm offended at how easily people are offended :p"

•"@” I get excited whenever I get to use the compost organic waste bin” I live on a floor of hippies. I never thought our floor could smell worse. Well I was wrong. These stupid compost organic waste bins smell like crap."

•Why wasn't my rant posted? Chris Dorner IS a cop killer. What policy am I breaking by saying that? I call bias sir/ma'am editor.

•"@Dan Mathews Stop lecturing me on what I cannot do with my property. Animals have no rights, their sole purpose is to serve mankind by providing sustenance or labor. "" And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."""

•Dear chair gnomes, where are you taking them? From, ALL STUDENTS

•@terrible SIS-Kogod metaphor. nice attempt to belittle people with eating disorders, you chucklehead.

•Why have the showers been freezing at my normal morning shower time? It's getting old.

•"The Harlem Shake is irrefutable proof that there is lead in all children’s toys and mercury in our food and water supply." that made me laugh embarrassingly loud

•Aw, the new editor is so cool about editor's notes already!!! You go, editor! :) [Editor's Note: Aw, shucks!]

•The best part of American University, Beeghly

•I want to burn an effigy of Eaglesecure on the Quad. Who's with me?

•i need to stop thinning about you

•"@The best part of my day was when the Subway lady didn’t know how to make a BMT, and she gave me double meat and I didn’t have to pay. What has my life become? -I'll give you double meat if you know what I mean. HEY HEY HEY"

•@Kogod shirt ranter: please remove yourself from society so that the rest of us don't have to deal with you.

•"I am still hungry! P.S. Don't you only get two side items with box lunch?" [Editor's Note: I've never had a problem getting three side items]

•It's ah me, Mario *creepy*

•@ “KNOWS AN RA WHO HAS A THING FOR A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL ON HIS FLOOR”....I know who it is to. Ever think of telling Housing and Dining to force him to lay off.

•That moment when you realize you'd rather be alone for awhile than continue the awkward hookups: Personal growth or acceptance of loneliness?

•You are too freaking loud.

•Are overalls back?

•I like this new editor. [Editor's Note: Thanks!]


•Can someone explain why it's considered rude to call out daft classmates, or people in general for being imbeciles? I secretly congratulate people in my classes who silence these dolts and I want to send them an edible arrangement as a thank you. If you're not intelligent please don't speak; you're wasting my time and the brave ones who actually stand up and tell you to shut up.

•So there's this great guy on my floor...back of b*tches, he's MINE!!!!!

•I think that Eaglesecure should attacked by Chinese hackers. Odds are they'd end up making it actually work.

•I don't write Eagle Rants, But, hi to the nice person who I took the elevator with.

•anderson 5 floor south lounge please STFU...u guys are so annyoing and i hate u guys - from anderson 4 south

•You know your neighbor is a bad singer when you can't tell what the person is trying to sing.

•You're not a moderate. You're so far left you're right.

•Where is Ward ST01? [Editor's Note: Math major friend of mine says "ST" stands for "subterrace." Try taking the side door, between Kay and Ward Circle. Good luck!]

•Saw the hottest, most out of my league girl at the library last night. How does one rise up on the totem poll?


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