Trend Alert: Knits

Trend Alert: Knits

With the crazy weather that Washington, D.C., has ushered in, it is hard to know what season it is. One day, you are wearing winter clothes to school; the next day, you have a summer dress on.

The fluctuating temperature makes it difficult to discern the season. But fashion items that can be a go-to piece for guys and girls regardless of the weather are knits in all styles.

Rachel, a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs, effortlessly illustrates what knits are all about and the versatility of this trend.

“I like knits because they are comfortable, warm, really easy go-to pieces, and they are really versatile,” Rachel said.

Whether it is 70 degrees outside or 50 degrees, knits are a great way to stay warm while looking your best. And best of all, knits, depending on the thickness of the item, do not require too much layering.

“Knits are no longer your grandmother’s sweater,” Rachel said. “It’s not the pumpkin print, cable cord sweater anymore; it can be chic.”

Rachel also acknowledged the versatility of knits.

“With my dress, for example, I could theoretically take the jeans off and wear it with leggings, or swap the boots out for heels and go to work,” Rachel said.

If it is hot outside, you can choose to wear the knit individually. Just as when it is cold, all you really have to do is throw on your jacket and the rest of your cold weather gear and head out the door.

“I try not to do fashion inspiration because I don’t really model myself after anyone; I just pick what I like,” Rachel said.

Just as effortless as Rachel's sense of style, so are knits as a trend.

Knits will be around for many seasons and can work for anyone. They can be worn throughout the year, if desired; guys and girls can wear knits, and it can work for all body types due to the diverse styles that are available.

Editor's Note: Rachel has requested we only use her first name.

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