AU, UMD students create urban blog for ‘20 somethings, by 20 somethings

With the rise of the Occupy movement, the nation is witnessing an increase in the activeness of young people determined to make something happen for themselves.

In the face of all the doom and gloom of the nation’s college students, one blog is a breath of fresh air.

“20SomethingCity,” a blog “made by 20-somethings, for 20-somethings” is making quite the splash among young people in the D.C. metropolitan area for a blog that is only three-and-a-half weeks old. Started by a group of American University and University of Maryland students, “20SomethingCity” pries open the inner workings of a whole generation, catering to the interests of young urbanites in D.C.

“The minute someone writes something, it resonates with 20 other people,” said Managing Editor and School of Communication senior Nick Rodea, which is one of the reasons the budding blog has been so successful.

From the best restaurants to go eat, to paying off student loans, to how to handle a “gay rivalry,” 20SomethingCity explores it all in a relatable way, and does so with all the finesse of major publication. The only difference is the bloggers do it in half of the page length, with twice the honesty.

“Our motto is true,” Rodea said. “We’re trying to be for 20-somethings, by 20-somethings.”

Rodea defines the blog as a news site covering popular issues, but what really makes the site special is its staff. He describes the blog’s contributors as, “just blogging about things that happen to us.”

With a roster of 20-something college students and recent grads, ranging from the employed to those still searching, 20Something City is in the perfect position to give their fellow 20-somethings advice.

The blog’s editor-in-chief, recent UMD graduate Katarina Alharmoosh, 22, is a perfect example of the type of person the blog caters too.

“It all started because she was looking for a job, and [created] her own thing,” Rodea said.

The blog’s burgeoning popularity is a true testament to the power of media, especially in the younger generation. But where the blog hopes to go from here is unclear. Rodea said it is too soon to say definitely, but the group hopes to expand into uncharted territo


“We’re hoping to move into video soon, and we’re playing with ideas about an interview section called ‘Washingtonian-of-the-Week’ that features young professionals in D.C.,” Rodea said.

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