Student Government Chief of Staff resigns

Student Government Chief of Staff Kent Hiebel stepped down Sept. 30, citing a desire to prepare for post-graduate life.

Hiebel found out over the summer that he would be able to graduate this May, one year earlier than he had expected, he said.

As Chief of Staff, Hiebel was a close advisor to McBride and represented him at meetings he could not attend, McBride said. Hiebel was also responsible for overseeing cooperation between the cabinets of the executive branch, as well as cooperation between the president’s office and the Undergraduate Senate.

He left Friday, before the new Senate was confirmed, so there would not be a change in leadership that would interfere with legislative work.

“I felt this was a good opportunity for me to step down and for someone else to work with the new Undergraduate Senate,” Hiebel said

Phil Scranage, who currently serves as SG director of advocacy communication and as an advisor to McBride, will serve as interim Chief of Staff until a replacement can be found, McBride said.

An application for Chief of Staff is now online, and a replacement will be found before fall break, McBride said. The application can be found at

“This is the type of position that should be open to everyone, both candidates inside and outside of SG,” McBride said.

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