Facilities management considers new shuttle route, adds banners to shuttles

Facilities Management is considering adding a new shuttle route on Massachusetts Avenue toward the National Cathedral.

Student Government President Tim McBride has said he would like to see shuttles toward the cathedral after 8:10 p.m. classes so students who live in that area can get home more easily and safely.

Facilities Management is currently reviewing the proposal to see if it would work, McBride said.

Seven of the ten shuttles also now have electronic banners on the front and side of each shuttle that display the color route and the major stops of the route.

Three shuttles still do not have electronic banners, including two smaller buses and the shuttle that was damaged in the crash on Nebraska Avenue in October.

Facilities Management felt that the shuttles’ destinations were not clear, Transportation Services Supervisor Kevin Wyatt said. There were concerns that visitors to the University would not be able to navigate the shuttle system, Manager of Transportation Operations and Maintenance Facilities Management Alef Worku said.

Facilities Management also implemented an automatic system for counting passengers about a year ago. It utilizes a light beam rather than manual recording by bus drivers, Facilities Management Assistant Director of Grounds, Vehicle Maintenance & Support Services Mark Feist said.

Facilites Management regularly analyzes data about ridership to change the shuttle schedule and adjust the number of shuttles running at any particular time, Feist said.

Facilities Management is also working on a program that will allow shuttle riders to receive information about shuttle times via text message. The office is also advocating for more monitors in buildings around campus showing current locations of shuttles, Feist said.


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