Reath will apply for SG comptroller

Reath will apply for SG comptroller

Eric Reath is taking a leave of absence from his position as the speaker of the Undergraduate Senate in order to apply for the now vacant comptroller position.

Comptroller-elect Taylor Yeates announced yesterday that he would not be the Student Government comptroller next year due to personal reasons. Yeates ran unopposed in this year’s SG election and was set to begin his term May 1.

Speaker Pro Tempore Brett Atanasio will take over as speaker, according to an e-mail Reath sent to the SG.

Reath ran against Kevin Sutherland this election for the office of SG secretary. Sutherland won.

Yeates is the first comptroller-elect to step down from the position, according to SG Communications Director Morgan Gress. In 2009, Comptroller Matt Handverger resigned after an impeachment trial, where his charges were ultimately dropped.

Now, current SG President Nate Bronstein and Acting Undergraduate Senate Speaker Atanasio will most likely issue a joint order for a state of exception, according to Gress.

Such a state would allow Bronstein to appoint a new comptroller without Senate confirmation for next year, Gress said, adding that the Senate would “most likely” approve the state of exception.

The Senate must convene within 48 hours to terminate or approve the state of exception, where the bylaws would be suspended. At least 15 senators must attend the meeting, or the state of exception goes into effect by default.

Gress estimates the SG will take applications until April 27 and will appoint a new comptroller the next day.

Bronstein would appoint the new comptroller, not President-elect Tim McBride, because the official transition does not occur until May 1.

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