Residence Hall Association: Guests should check into dorms

Non-AU guests visiting residence halls would be required to sign into dorms and submit identification information under a proposed Residence Hall Association resolution.

When residents claim outside guests, they would be held responsible for any damages done by the guests. AU students who have misplaced their IDs would also be required to provide their AUID numbers to front desk personnel, according to the resolution.

Tenley Campus Representative Hussein Salama sponsored the resolution in hopes of preventing visitors from causing problems and holding those responsible for damage.

“We’ve had a lot of students who’ve come in who weren’t claimed by proper people, and I’ve noticed it’s a problem,” Salama said.

The new regulations still need to be proposed to Housing and Dining Programs and other organizations that it would affect, particularly the Department of Public Safety because the changes involve security concerns.

Only then can it become actual policy, said RHA President Anthony Dunham. But any changes to security policy take some time to change, he added.

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