Preliminary results for local ANC elections posted

These preliminary results of today’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission were posted on the doors of Precinct 9 and 10 polling locations Tuesday night.

Tom Smith declined to be interviewed for this video.
They do not represent the final results of the election, and the winners cannot be determined officially until 10 days after the election.

ANC 3D 02:

Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church (Precinct 9): Tom Smith: 146 votes Write-in: 36 votes Results from electronic ballots only: Tyler Sadonis, 11 votes

Voters from other ANCs voted at this precinct but should not have voted in the ANC 3D 02.

Horace Mann Community Center (Precinct 10): Tom Smith: 52 votes Write-in: 1 vote

These results do not include vote counts from provisional ballots or challenged ballots. The number of provisional and challenged ballots cast at each precinct location has not been released at this time.

Any person that cast a provisional ballot must present proof of D.C. residence to the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics within 10 days of the election for their ballot to count. This proof must show that they have resided in the District for at least 30 days prior to the election.

Acceptable forms of proof of D.C. residence include the following, according to the BOEE website: • Copy of current and valid photo identification • Copy of a current utility bill (does not include cell phone) • Bank statement • Government check • Paycheck • Other government document that shows your name and address

According to the electronic ballot for the Precinct 9 polling location, 3D 02 candidate Tyler Sadonis, a freshman at AU’s School of Public Affairs, was written in a total of 22 times at that location. But only 11 write-in votes were cast for him to take the ANC 3D 02 seat. For the remainder of the 22 votes, Sadonis was written in for other elected positions. The electronic ballots are the only ballots from which write-in votes have been released. Officials are still counting write-in votes from paper ballots.

ANC 3D 07:

Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church (Precinct 9): Write-in: 23 votes Results from electronic ballots only: Martha Holland, 2 votes Deon Jones, 1 vote

The 3D 07 seat has been vacant for years. This year AU freshman in SPA Deon Jones ran for that seat as a write-in candidate through the AV4U campaign.

ANC 3D 02 Commissioner Tom Smith told The Eagle that he had heard another 3D 07 resident from the neighborhood ran a write-in campaign. This has not been confirmed at this time.

Eagle staff writer Rachel Karas contributed to this report.

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