Police blotter

Nov. 4.

An elevator technician responded and released two individual from a stuck elevator in Letts Hall. No injuries were reported.

Nov. 5

The D.C. Fire Department transported a sick person from Anderson Hall, accompanied by an acquaintance, to the hospital.

The Department of Public Safety recovered a pipe and marijuana grinder from two individuals seated at a shuttle stop near the Kogod School of Business. Both items contained suspected marijuana. Both individuals indicated they had been smoking marijuana. The substance tested positive for marijuana. The individuals were sent on their way. Student Conduct charges will be filed.

A bicycle was taken from a bike rack outside Leonard Hall. The bike had been secured via cable lock.

A costume dress was discovered missing from a studio hall which was left unsecured in Katzen Arts Center.

One vehicle struck an unoccupied parked vehicle in the Nebraska Parking Lot and fled the scene without providing contact information.

DPS was contacted by an individual identifying himself as the boyfriend of a student’s mother. Reportedly the student sent an e-mail which raised concern for the student’s welfare. DPS contacted a resident director of McDowell Hall. DPS and the resident director met with the student and facilitated communication between the student and a counselor. No additional action was taken.

DPS responded to a report of an individual vomiting in Anderson Hall. Upon arrival, the individual was conscious but not very alert. The individual indicated she had been consuming alcohol. DCFD transported the individual, accompanied by another individual, to the hospital.

Nov. 6

DPS responded to a report of an intoxicated individual in Centennial Hall. A resident assistant reported the individual was assisted into the Anderson Hall lobby by another student. The individual was conscious, not very coherent, and unable to sit up or stand on her own. She had what appeared to be vomit on her clothing. The individual stated she consumed alcohol beverages in her residence hall room at approximately 9 p.m., prior to leaving campus. DCFD transported her to the hospital.

DPS responded to a report of an intoxicated individual in the fourth floor women’s bathroom of Anderson Hall. A resident assistant reported the individual was found vomiting in a women’s bathroom. The student was covered in vomit and was barely responsive. She was unable to provide details about her alcohol consumption. DCFD transported the individual to the Hospital.

The Metropolitan Police Department requested DPS to respond to a noise complaint off campus. MPD advised they received the complaint from the reporting person. MPD already advised a student of the complaint and reported the residents and occupants of the house complied with a directive to lower the noise.

DCFD transported a sick person from Hughes Hall to the hospital.

DPS responded to a report of a medical emergency in the Ward Circle Building. A sick person signed a medical refusal form.

DCFD, Facilities Management and DPS responded to a report of a stuck elevator in Anderson Hall. Eventually, the doors to the elevator opened on their own and allowed the individual inside to exit. The elevator was placed out of service.

A malfunctioning lock caused a student to become trapped inside his room in Anderson Hall. A locksmith responded and was able to access the room and repair the lock.

Nov. 7

A student reported a newsstand was taken from his room in Centennial Hall. Reportedly, the exterior door was locked. However, the door to a shared bathroom was unlocked. The resident of the adjoining room indicated he leaves his door open from time to time. A witness reported having seen two individuals walking with a newsstand towards the front desk.

DPS responded to a roommate dispute in the Berkshire Apartments and met with the complainant and two community coordinators. The complainant reported she got into an argument with her roommate. The community coordinators indicated they would handle the situation. A strong smell of marijuana was notice upon entering the room. DPS confiscated two bongs. They tested positive for marijuana.

Nov. 8

A bicycle was taken from a Hughes Hall bike rack. The bike had been secured to the rack via cable lock.

A bicycle was taken from a bike rack on Ward Circle. The bike had been secured to the rack via combination cable lock.

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