Conduct board now includes greeks

A member of AU greek life will now serve as a representative on the Student Conduct Advisory Board to provide input from the greek community on conduct policy issues.

Rosie McSweeney, director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services, approved the new position last Monday because she believes the new membership on the council will provide an additional perspective on policy issues.

“We recognized that greek organizations have significant involvement with policies and regulations,” McSweeney said.

Adam Tager, the president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, previously met with McSweeney to try to gain this conduct board representation for greeks.

The representative was added because of the interaction greeks have with the community and the overlap between greek policy and University policy, according to Tager.

Tager will temporarily fill the position on the conduct board until he and the presidents from the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Panhellenic Association choose a representative. They have not set a specific date for choosing the representative, Tager said.

The council currently has seven student representatives from various on-campus organizations and groups.

In addition to greek life, these include representatives from: • Student Government • Student Advocacy Center • Residence Hall Association • Graduate Council • Conduct Council Hearing Board

“I think it’s a good idea because the more students that are represented, regardless of their group, the better for everyone,” said Katie Schweitzer, president of the Panhellenic Association. “Having a greek member is just one more facet of the student body that will have their voice heard.”

The hazing policy is one example of a handbook policy that directly affects greeks, McSweeney said.

The Student Conduct Code was changed over the summer to allow the University to sanction students for off-campus misconduct. The greek community began its effort to get a student representative on the Student Conduct Advisory Board earlier in the semester in order to have a voice in future changes to the policy.

“As fraternity and sorority members we have some unique experiences that could be put to use on this council,” Tager said. “We have members in the neighborhood, we have members on campus. We have events on campus, we have events off campus, in the residence halls.”

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