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RHA wins four awards at conference

AU's Residence Hall Association won four awards at the No-Frills conference Feb. 8.

Among the four awards granted was the School of the Year for the Central Atlantic Region award - "the highest honor a member school can obtain," according to Jay Nagle, RHA's national communications coordinator and a junior in the Kogod School of Business.

To win the School of the Year award, schools are judged on various criteria that include the structure and organization of the RHA, what goals and programs the RHA accomplished and addressing challenging issues.

There is a bidding process for all schools that seek awards, according to Nagle.

"All awards have different criteria and restrictions on what needs to be included in the bid," he said. "For instance, the SOY bid has a page limit of 30 pages, 10-12 font, and a list of about 30 criteria for selection and 14 guidelines to follow."

More than one school can bid for an award, and the regional board of directors at the No-Frills conference makes the final decision. This year, AU ran against the University of Akron.

AU has only won the School of the Year award on the regional level and will now continue the bidding process to try and win on the national level.

"Even though we won on the regional level, there is much improvement we need to do to the bid before it can compete nationally," Nagle said. "We haven't won nationally yet, but we are well on our way."


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