Campus brief

AU ensures equal opportunity employment

AU President Neil Kerwin's office published its affirmative action statement on Friday as part of an annual requirement, according to David Taylor, Kerwin's chief of staff.

AU is "committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities," according to the policy's text.

Dean of Academic Affairs Haig Mardirosian and Beth Muha, executive director of Human Resources, are both in charge of the affirmative action program.

If a university employee feels that the university has discriminated against him or her, that employee can report to either Mardirosian or Muha, who will then go through the necessary procedures in dealing with the incident, according to David Taylor, Kerwin's chief of staff.

"There are procedures to follow," Taylor said. "[Muha and Mardirosian] would investigate and follow up on the complaint. Haig and Beth would then supervise the investigation and take it to the next level."

All members of the AU community are responsible for implementing the policy properly and are asked to stay aware and sensitive to others, according to a statement.


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