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SUB director resigns from position

At the Undergraduate Senate's meeting Sunday, Student Government Vice President Andrew Woods announced Student Union Board Director Tre Matthews had resigned due to conflicts with his music career. Deputy SUB Director Andrew Addison will fulfill the office's duties for the rest of the semester.

Addison said he will begin planning SUB events for next semester so the organization does not face problems. The department is looking for someone with SUB experience to fill the position.

This is the second time the position has been vacant this semester, as former SUB Director Amanda Mustafic resigned over the summer.

"It's not picking the directors that is the problem," Addison said. "We need to make the time commitment clear."

He also said the new director will be properly trained when the position is filled.

The senators also debated a bill that would allow the Board of Elections to oversee the School of International Service Senate elections. After a heated debate, the senators voted to indefinitely table the bill, citing the necessity to first change the organization's name before altering its elections and the large amount of time before the organization will hold elections again.


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