Stay Stylish: Brighten up your spring break

Stay Stylish: Brighten up your spring break

Spring break is just around the corner, and we are all starting to pack our bags for a blissful week away from AU. The luckiest of us are vacationing in sunny, warm paradises, such as Cancún, Florida and the Caribbean. For those of us who are staying home - whether it is in the Northeast, the South, Midwest or the West -- the weather is still changing, and we have tips to help you change with it.

For warmer vacations:


Sundresses are perfect for day, evening or beachwear. Believe it or not, floral sundresses are the best option this season; lots of floral prints are coming out that look less grandma and more fashion-forward. Look for psychedelic prints from Giorgio Armani's line and cheaper sundress options at Urban Outfitters, ranging from $60 to $80. The best lengths to choose are the two extremes: mini or long and flowing. In-betweens compress your figure, and nobody wants to go to the beach in something unflattering.


Although the teeny-tiny bikini has been in style for years, last season's designers started to bring back the one-piece in a way we have never seen before. The new styles feature the classic one-piece with moderations, and they are surprisingly chic. These moderations include symmetrical cutouts, low backs, low fronts and semi-transparencies. So, don't write off the one-piece just because your mother wears it. If not for any other reason, stylish one-pieces will keep you from making mistakes during spring break that later end up on "Girls Gone Wild."

For colder vacations or going home:


We've said it before and we'll say it again: Cold weather does not mean neutral colors only. Go as bright as you can go. Winter fabrics such as satin, wool and velvet are coming out in colors other than navy and evergreen - try a hot pink satin cocktail dress with a black jacket or a bright blue pea coat so you can transform the cold weather into a spring break ideal. A suggestion is to invest in some quality pieces at J.Crew, which currently offers exceptionally bright and classy clothing in its spring collection.


Cardigans are currently a versatile, everyday fashion staple that can easily transform a bland outfit into a vogue ensemble. They are comfortable, simple and easy to throw on before heading out and strolling about town for pleasant spring break plans with your closest group of friends. To obtain optimum fashion potential, consider our previous tip and buy a brightly colored cardigan for a cheery and jovial inspiration for all your spring break diversions.

Stay stylish, Lara and Virginia

Eagle Staff Writer Ruben Luong contributed to this article.

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