Police blotter

Friday, Sept. 9

Staff reported a drug violation in Anderson Hall. Public Safety responded, and took possession of drug paraphernalia, which tested positive for marijuana.

Two shirts were stolen from an office in the Osborne Building.

A concerned resident of Letts Hall reported that another student was in need of immediate medical assistance. The student was transported to Sibley Hospital.

A room in the Watkins Building was vandalized after a window into the room was left unsecured.

A student filed a report that her ATM card had been stolen and used fraudulently.

An underage student was seen drinking on the Letts-Anderson Quad. The student was informed that she was violating AU policy and the law of the District of Columbia.

Saturday, Sept. 10

An intoxicated woman was transported from the women's restroom in Hughes Hall to Sibley Hospital based upon the concerns of the RA on Duty.

While responding to a domestic issue in Centennial Hall, officers saw open alcohol containers in the adjoining room. The students were advised that they were in violation of AU policy.

A student fell near Fletcher Gate and was not breathing. The student was transported to Sibley Hospital.

An officer made contact with a student who was urinating on the Letts-Anderson Quad.

Monday, Sept. 12

An RA in Anderson Hall reported that a student had attempted suicide by taking an intentional overdose of sleeping pills. The student was transported to Sibley Hospital.

A student reported that his Social Security number had been used fraudulently in another state. Public Safety contacted the Metro Police Department.

Tuesday, Sept. 13

A student in Anderson Hall reported difficulty breathing, and requested a hospital transport. The student was sent via ambulance to Sibley Hospital.

Several laptops were stolen from different offices throughout the Ward Building.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

A student in Capital Hall reported that a male had entered her room while she was asleep. Public Safety was unable to find the male.

A student had a seizure in the Ward Building, but refused medical treatment and signed a medical refusal form.

A student fainted in the Eagles Nest, but refused medical treatment and signed a medical refusal form.

Thursday, Sept. 15

A student reported that his digital camera was stolen from the School of Communication in Mary Graydon Center.

An AU shuttle was involved in an accident with a privately owned vehicle. Photos were taken of the damages.

A staff member reported that her car had been damaged in the Sports Center Garage. Photos were taken of the damages.

A student reported that a large amount of cash was missing from her room in Federal Hall. A report was filed.

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