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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
The Eagle

Letter from the Old and New Editors

Dear readers,

For seniors, spring semester means purgatory; I'm just a member of the Class of 2005 in limbo. I schedule job interviews between classes. Phone calls from parents, which had come less frequently since high school, are picking up again as Mom and Dad anxiously inquire after summer plans. My tenure as The Eagle editor in chief has officially concluded, but I'm still in the office - talking to colleagues I've come to know and respect, trying to pass on what countless hours of work have taught me.

A new, younger staff has taken on the responsibility of producing a newspaper and, as always, the newsroom is busy - buzzing with caffeine-induced energy and sleep-deprived creativity. These qualities have always driven The Eagle as each new editor adapts to better serve you, our readers, the AU community.

My fellow seniors might remember The Eagle of our freshman year, when a much smaller staff first produced a twice-weekly publication. In 2002 The Eagle settled into this schedule with news content on Mondays and an entertainment guide Thursdays, as editor in chief Brett Zongker held his editors to higher standards of professionalism. Last year, Mackenzie Ryan led The Eagle to include news, sports, entertainment and editorial content twice weekly and front-page color in the spring. Today's underclassmen might not even recognize The Eagle of years past.

This year, The Eagle greeted students with a new design, making it easier to read, more consistent and more visually dynamic. Action photos on the sports page also appeared in color for the first time.

This year, we redesigned to make it easier to navigate and provide more information about our operation. Online readership has greatly increased this year and we hope students continue to visit the site for breaking news, polls and web exclusives.

Throughout it all, the input of readers has been invaluable. For your criticisms, corrections, compliments and suggestions, I thank you. I encourage everyone to continue to pick up each issue, type in The Eagle Online and call or e-mail editors when you have an idea or critique. I can say without hesitation that the incoming leadership of The Eagle will work as hard as anyone on campus to serve AU students.

Each editor in chief strives to make The Eagle a more relevant, balanced, accurate and interesting newspaper, but none can achieve it without a dedicated staff. I've been honored to work with such talented student journalists this year. I appreciate each time you've forgone the comfort of bed to cover a story, every interview you've pushed through with a difficult source, and all the little things you've done to continually improve upon The Eagle's quality. I admire your hard work, honesty and courage. For devoting it to The Eagle and to me, thank you.

-Anne Godlasky

Dear Readers,

With today's issue, The Eagle turns 80, and introduces a brand new group of editors and staffers. As the new editor in chief for the 2005-2006 academic year, I have the honor and the pleasure of leading this remarkably talented staff to create a newspaper that brings out each of the many distinctive and unique facets of our diverse university community.

The outgoing staff is preparing to move on, towards graduation and budding careers, leaving a shining product of outstanding journalistic ability and a distinguished paper of record to inherit. In other words, we have quite an act to follow.

Since 1925, The Eagle has served the AU community with a reliable and consistent source of news and information. In assuming the position of editor in chief, I have committed myself to upholding this responsibility. Additionally, I am dedicated to helping The Eagle continue on its trend of improvement, which I will do in several ways. I will work to ensure the paper provides readers with relevant and noteworthy news, represent the varied interests and passions of the population it serves and become an ample source for both popular and alternative trends in music, entertainment and arts.

As it has for the past 80 years, The Eagle has provided students with a voice, one that ranges from opinionated, to creative, to informative, to intellectual. The paper exists solely to reflect its readership, and I will work to maintain this obligation. Through its opinion and editorial pages, it will offer an outlet to encourage community discussion, invite debate and challenge contributors to justify and defend personal beliefs. Through the presentation of diverse thoughts and ideas, readers will be able to draw personal interpretation of truth, an ultimate goal for any media outlet. I want to make it make it very clear how readers can contribute to The Eagle and will feel free to take place in the public discourse.

It has been my pleasure to have worked for The Eagle since the fall of my freshman year. I look forward to working with such a promising staff, as well as communicating with students, faculty and staff in the coming year.

If anyone has any questions, comments or ideas to help The Eagle grow, feel free to e-mail me at

-Megan Slack

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