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Thumbs Up

World AIDS Day ... More than 20 years after the breakout of the AIDS epidemic, the disease is now an even bigger problem all over the world. It's great that people are working, both worldwide and on campus, to make people more aware of how to fight HIV and AIDS.

AU Abroad ... Although we've not hesitated to point out problems with the AU Abroad program in the past, it deserves credit for ranking 12th for most students sent abroad. The program is clearly doing some things right to draw so much interest among students.

"One Jew, One Muslim, One Stage" ... This politically charged comedy comes to Kay this weekend, looking to use humor to bring enlightenment to a serious topic.

Thumbs Down

Short holiday break ... Because of the way the calendar fell this year, our break between semesters is less than three weeks. It's a shame we get such a short respite after fall exams before the spring semester starts up, and it seems silly to base it all on the idea that commencement needs to be by Mother's Day.

'20/20''s story on Matthew Shepard ... We're not sure what "20/20" was hoping to gain from covering Matthew Shepard's murder as a result of a robbery rather than a hate crime, but if they did take quotes and evidence out of context, as Shepard's parents and other groups have suggested, it surely makes one question their approach. It could also reasonably lead viewers to think that ABC had ulterior motives with its coverage of the story.

AU Men's Soccer's tournament loss ... The Eagles' Cinderella run is finally over, as they were knocked out by Virginia. Regardless, they had a great season and deserve credit for making it so far.

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